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Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing – 6/11/2020

FORWARD VIRGINIA PLAN: Phase Two – Begins Friday, June 5

  • Northern Virginia and Richmond will go into Phase 2 this Friday, June 12.
  • Virginia will stay in Phase 2 for a minimum of two weeks in order to allow for adequate data observation.


  • While other states have seen spikes in case numbers in the past week, Virginia's metrics continue to trend downward.
  • Total cases have been trending downward in Virginia since the end of May.
    • The number of deaths from COVID-19 has also started to trend downward over the last several weeks.
  • Percent positivity of tests is continuing to decrease, with the rate dropping to 8.9% this week.
    • At Virginia's peak, percent positivity was well over 20%.
  • Governor Northam reminds Virginians that, despite the encouraging numbers, the virus is "still with us" and everyone must continue to behave cautiously in order to stay on this path.
  • Addressing those attending protests across Virginia, Governor Northam encourages the use of face coverings at all times, and testing after attending a protest.


  • Total cases: 52,647
  • Total deaths: 1,520


  • Revenues are about 20% below where they were in May of 2019.
    • This is slightly better than was anticipated at the end of March.
  • The fiscal year ends June 30.
    • It was estimated that Virginia's revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020 would be $1 billion below the (pre-pandemic) projected revenue.
    • Currently, Virginia's revenue is $800 million below the projected revenue.
  • The Governor will schedule a special session sometime in July to create a new budget.
    • This is a necessity, since tax payments have been delayed until June.
    • The special session will come after the re-forecasting of the budget.


  • May begin to open campuses and offer in-person instruction.
  • Must meet certain public health conditions in order to re-open
    • Ensure positive trends in public health data
    • Community must have adequate healthcare capacity in the event of a surge in cases
  • Institutions must submit comprehensive reopening plans to the State Council of Private Education
    • Plans must be based upon the best available public health data, and VDH and CDC guidelines.
    • Plans will include steps for increased social distancing, cleaning, and hygiene measures.
  • The VDH offers testing guidance specified for institutions of higher education, which is available to all institutions in Virginia.
  • Guidance for re-opening applies to all institutions, both public and private.
  • While each institution has the ability to create their re-opening plan to best serve their unique needs, each plan, at minimum, must address the following considerations:
    • Repopulation of campus, and travel off of campus for breaks or necessitated removal of students from campus.
    • Monitoring of health conditions to quickly detect appearance of the virus
    • Containment to prevent spread of the virus when detected
    • Shutdown considerations if necessitated by severe conditions or public health guidance
  • Institutions are encouraged to update their plans as more information becomes available.
    • Specifically in the areas of testing and contact tracing.


  • The Richmond City Council has agreed to remove the other Confederate statues from Monument Avenue, along with the Robert E. Lee statue, which belongs to the state.
  • Governor Northam's new Commission to Examine Racial Inequity in Virginia law will continue to work to find and remove language in Virginia laws that perpetuate inequity in our state.
    • They will focus specifically on public safety, criminal justice, health, housing and voting.
    • They hope to have a report by November 15, 2020.