Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons

Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing – 7/28/2020


  • New restrictions in Hampton Roads: Governor Northam and Dr. Oliver have issued an Executive Order and Declaration of Public Health Emergency including restrictions that will go into effect only in Hampton Roads on Friday, July 31.
    • These restrictions are expected to stay in place for a minimum of two weeks.

FORWARD VIRGINIA PLAN: Phase Three – Began Wednesday, July 1

  • Virginia has largely avoided the spike in cases that many other states have seen since lifting restrictions.
  • Governor Northam continues to remind Virginians to wear face coverings and practice social distancing whenever in public.


  • Cases are stable in 4 out of Virginia's 5 health districts.
    • This includes the Northern Virginia region.
  • There is, however, still a concerning rise in positive cases in the Hampton Roads area.
  • Between 17,000 and 20,000 people state wide are being tested each day.
  • Rates of percent positivity have continued to decrease in all districts except Hampton Roads.
    • This includes nursing home residents, where percent positivity is currently around 1%.


  • Percent positivity rates in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampton are currently ranging from 9.9% to 18.6%.
  • The rate in the Peninsula is 8.7%, a sharp increase over the last month from 3.4%.
  • Outside of the Hampton Roads area, Virginia's percent positivity rate is 6%.
  • Case numbers and hospitalizations are increasing.
  • There has been a significant increase in positive cases in young people (18-25).
    • This is due largely to increased socialization with non-household members.
  • Governor Northam and Dr. Oliver's Executive Order and Declaration of Public Health Emergency will go into effect on Friday, July 31. The order will include the following restrictions on the Hampton Roads area:
    • No alcohol will be sold or allowed to be consumed on site after 10:00 pm.
    • Restaurants and bars must close at 12:00 am.
    • Indoor dining will be capped at 50% capacity.
      • Includes breweries, food courts, wineries, and distilleries
    • Public and private social gatherings including more than 50 people are prohibited
      • Includes inside and outside gatherings.


  • Total cases: 86,994
    • Averaging around 1,000 new cases per day
  • Total deaths: 2,095
  • Total tests: 1,157,924


  • The second half of Federal CARES Act funding will be distributed to localities in the coming weeks.
    • Almost $645 million total.
    • Localities in Virginia are receiving close to 50% of Virginia's total CARES Act money.