Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons

Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing - 1/14/2021


  • Despite the increasing distribution of the vaccine, Governor Northam stresses that all social distancing, hand washing, and face covering guidelines remain in place.


  • Following CDC vaccination guidelines, people age 65 and over, and those with co-morbid conditions, will be moved into Phase 1B.
    • Many health districts have already begun administering vaccines to group 1B, but all districts are expected to be there by the end of January.
    • This means that over half of Virginians are currently eligible to receive the vaccine.
  • The number of vaccines being administered per day is steadily increasing throughout the entire state.
  • Pharmacies, high schools, and universities are partnering with the VDH to become vaccination clinics.
  • In order to reach Virginia’s goal of 50,000 shots per day, we need more infrastructure in the form of mass vaccination clinics.
    • Adequate numbers of trained staff will be essential to the function of these clinics.
      • The goal is for these clinics to be staffed by the National Guard, VMRC volunteers, and other “contracted vaccinators”.
    • Members of the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps are already volunteering at existing sites, and Governor Northam encourages anyone with previous medical experience to sign up.


  • The Department of Education is today changing its guidelines for local schools, to create a pathway for re-opening.
    • This decision comes from the conclusion that all mitigation strategies (social distancing, mask wearing, and cleaning) can be done successfully in the school setting.
  • New guidelines will provide specific guidelines and data for mitigation strategies, as well as prioritization levels for in-person instruction.
  • The Virginia Education Association recommends that learning remain virtual until all teachers have been vaccinated.
    • This is an essential step in safely bringing students and teachers back to the classroom.


  • Total cases: 417,839
    • New in the last 24 hours: 5,294
  • Total deaths: 5,626