Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons

Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing - 1/27/2021


  • Governor Northam will issue an Executive Order today, extending EO 72 regulations until February 28.
  • The Department of Labor has made the temporary COVID-19 workplace safety standards permanent.
    • This change will go into effect today (January 27, 2021).


  • Over 520,000 shots have been administered so far.
    • We are averaging over 26,000 shots per day.
    • 6.1% of the population have received their first dose of the vaccine.
    • 78,261 Virginians are fully vaccinated.
    • 7,000 in 100,000 Virginians have been vaccinated thus far.
  • Across the US, more people have been vaccinated than have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Beginning tomorrow, states will receive a 16% increase in vaccine inventory.
    • This supply rate will then be locked in, so that states can plan their distribution by month, instead of operating week-by-week.
  • Both Pfizer and Moderna have reported reaching a steady rate of manufacturing, which will hopefully in turn steady the supply chain to the states.
    • Both groups have been successful in meeting their administration goals.
  • By shifting inventory between hospitals, based on need, will allow vaccine administration to increase by 20% in the next week.Both CVS and Walgreens pharmacies have been enlisted by the Governor to administer vaccines in long term care and skilled nursing facilities.
    • Hospitals increased vaccine administration by 35% in the last week.
  • The VDH has released a new vaccine data dashboard, which is now available on their website.
    • The dashboard includes data on distribution, as well as race and ethnicity, as related to the vaccine.
  • Where does one sign up to get vaccinated?
    • Currently, the best way to get an appointment is to call your local health district, where you will be assisted in getting an appointment.
    • Governor Northam has directed the VDH to develop a single, statewide system by which all Virginians can enter their information and get an appointment.
      • This website and phone number will be available soon.


  • Virginia is now distributing vaccines based on population.
  • VDH has issued new guidance to local health districts for vaccine distribution.
    • 50% of available doses should be used for Virginians aged 65 or older.
    • 50% of available doses should be used for essential/frontline workers, people age 16 to 64 with high-risk health conditions, and those in correctional facilities.


  • Total cases: 488,533
    • New in the last 24 hours: 5,227
  • Total deaths: 6,228
  • Total vaccines administered: 602,983