Virginia Society of Plastic Surgeons

Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing - 2/17/2021


  • Starting next Monday, the number of spectators allowed at an outdoor sporting event will increase to 250.
    • All spectators are still required to remain socially distanced and use face coverings.
  • Governor Northam says that children will be able to attend overnight summer camps this summer, and that other outdoor events will be able to happen.
    • The Northam administration is working with stakeholders to ensure that these events can happen safely during the summer months.
  • Safety measures will remain in place “for the foreseeable future”, even for those who have already been vaccinated.
    • Hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing are still important and effective measures against the virus.


  • An average of 34,000 shots are being given each day.
    • We are getting closer to the goal of 50,000 shots per day, and are ready to achieve that number, as soon as adequate supply is available.
  • Governor Northam today signed new, emergency legislation to allow more medical professionals to administer shots.
    • This includes dentists, medical students, and others.
    • The bill also requires vaccinators to collect race and ethnicity data.
      • This is an important step in ensuring equity in the vaccine distribution process


  • The new, centralized pre-registration website ( was launched yesterday.
    • During peak hours, the website was receiving 300 registrations per minute.
  • 240,000 Virginians have signed up to be vaccinated since the launch.
  • Today, a dedicated call center is being launched. Virginians can call 877-829-4682 to speak to one of the 750 new employees that staff the center, and receive information about the vaccine, or get help with pre-registration.
    • The call center will currently prioritize people over the age of 75, and those who do not speak English.
  • Data from the local health departments has been imported into the new system, meaning that those who have already pre-registered do not need to register again.
  • The website offers information on which people are currently qualified to receive the vaccine, as well as allowing all Virginians to pre-register.
    • Those who pre-register will receive periodic update emails, informing them of when they are able to book an actual appointment.


  • Virginia has been receiving about 130,000 first doses per week from the federal government.
  • This is an increase from last month, but still does not meet demand.
  • The Biden administration announced this week that more doses will now be allocated to the states.
  • 1.4 million total doses have been administered.
  • 12.4% of Virginians have received their first dose.
    • This puts Virginia 12th in the country for vaccine distribution.
  • 87% of the doses received have been administered.
    • This ranks Virginia 7th in the country for available vaccine usage.


  • Schools have responded well to Governor Northam’s request that they present plans for in-person learning by March 15.
    • All but a few schools have presented plans already, and are continuing to prepare for in-person learning in the spring and summer.


  • Total cases: 555,592
    • New in the last 24 hours: 2,284
  • Total deaths: 7,0375