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Governor Northam's COVID-19 Briefing – 6/26/2020


  • Starting next week, COVID-19 briefings will go from twice weekly, to being held "when needed".

FORWARD VIRGINIA PLAN: Phase Three – Begins Wednesday, July 1

  • Governor Northam urges Virginians to continue to be cautious as we move into Phase 3.
    • The continued use of face coverings is vital to prevent a surge in cases after re-opening such as other states have seen.


  • Percent positivity continues to trend downward.
    • Today's percent positivity is at 6% statewide.
  • Hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients continue to trend downward.
    • This includes patients in ICU beds and on ventilators
  • The 7-day rolling average for daily tests administered statewide is 10,000/day.
  • Lab capacity in Virginia continues to improve, as a result of the combined efforts of both state and private labs.
    • The Laboratory Response Network, created by the CDC to respond to chemical and biological public health threats, has been successful in boosting laboratory capacity for COVID-19 testing.
  • The Virginia "One Lab" Network:
    • Goal for testing capacity to consistently exceed need for testing.
    • Includes two tiers of labs with the goals of administering as many tests as possible.
    • Tier One: Virginia Public Health Labs
      • DCLS and FFx
      • 4,500 PCR tests/day
    • Tier Two will consist of at least 3 other private entities that will partner with the public health labs in order to expand their testing capability specifically for public health use.
      • Each of the 3 labs will have a goal of 1,000 more PCR tests/day.
    • Broad Testing Goals:
      • Anyone who is symptomatic, or has been in close contact with someone who is symptomatic or has had a positive test.
      • 2-4% of the population per month, in each district.
        • This ensures wide-spread testing across the entire state.
      • 6,000-13,000 tests per day statewide.
      • Containment through contact tracing.
      • Point Prevalence Surveys in long term care and behavioral health facilities, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities.


  • Governor Northam called on Chief Circuit Court judges to extend the moratorium on evictions that is set to expire on June 28.
  • At the state level, he has directed the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to create the VA Rent and Mortgage Relief Program.
    • Using $50 million from the CARES Act, the program will assist those who have been unable to pay their rent or mortgage payments as a result of COVID-19.
    • Launches Monday, June 29
  • DSS is also launching a one-time energy assistance program to help Virginians who have accumulated energy debt throughout the crisis get back up to date on their energy payments before the moratorium on service cut-offs expires.


  • The re-opening guidance issued by the Governor's office to schools does not include any mandatory requirements for schools.
  • Each individual school district has the authority to create their own re-opening plan in order to allow them to devise a plan that best fits the needs of their own community.
  • The Governor's office encourages parents to reach out to their local school board members with questions regarding the re-opening plan in their child's school.
  • The state guidance document recommends that all schools enter Phase 3 next week.
    • Phase 3 recommends that all students receive in-person instruction, with social distancing measures in place that may require modified schedules and smaller class sizes.


  • Total cases: 59,946
  • Total deaths: 1,675
  • Total tests: 654,500


  • The Governor's office has granted an additional 90 days to renew drivers licenses or registrations that expire before July 25.
  • Secretary Carey discussed a new contact tracing app that is in beta-testing for use in Virginia, stressing the fact that it is a tool to be used by the contact tracing teams as they attempt to implement contact tracing to contain the spread of the virus.
  • The VDH published re-opening guidance for long term care facilities this week.